Some of the Year 12 House Captains and Senior Prefects, Red Nose Day Bake Sale, 2023.

Senior Prefects

At the start of Year 12 our students are given the opportunity to apply to become a Senior Prefect. This role is popular amongst our students, typically we see over a third of the year group involved in some way. The role sees the students engage in a combination of regular duties supporting our younger students, prominent support for whole school events and creating and encouraging charity initiatives. All House Captains have to be Senior Prefects and the Senior Prefects are considered as the wider House teams. We are very proud of how the students rise to the challenge each year, demonstrating leadership, compassion and dedication throughout.

Junior Prefects

In Spring 2023 our School Captain, Mackenzie Pike launched and recruited a new team of Junior Prefects to support and enhance our excellent team of Senior Prefects. This opportunity provides a great introduction into leadership. The application process highlighted the wide array of skills these students possess already and developing these skills in this way can only benefit the wider school community. 

Mackenzie added, “‘Ever since I launched this project, I’ve been continually amazed by the eagerness and enthusiasm of the younger members of our school. It’s delightful to give a sense of responsibility to our new junior prefects and allow them to be role models for the rest of the school. They really epitomise everything the school is about: politeness, respect and a passion to benefit the local community”.

If you are interested in becoming a Junior Prefect in Year 10, keep an eye out for the recruitment notice during the first few weeks of the Autum term.

School Captain Mackenzie Pike and our new team of Year 10 Junior Prefects.