Community Ambassadors

Mayflower Community Academy 2022-23


This academic year saw our Year 12 and 13 Maths Ambassadors embark on a new project with our friends at Mayflower Community Academy in Plymouth. The Coachee2Coach project was the brainchild of the leadership team at Mayflower, David Sammels and Helen Jennings, with support from Professor David Burghess at the Univeristy of Plymouth. 

At the start of the year we recruited an able and enthusiastic team of A Level Maths students to deliver one to one support with the Year 6 students at Mayflower. The objective was to use the resources provided by the University of Plymouth to consolidate and enhance their maths skills ahead of moving to secondary school. A coaching model was adopted and our students were paired with students who they have worked with until completion of the course.  

This has been a valuable opportunity for our ambassadors to build skills and experiences ahead of university or employment. We have also been very pleased with how our ambassadors have helped to develop the friendship between the two schools and we hope for this to continue in the future. 

Our 2022-23 Ambassadors

Ruby Gilmore

Scott Howley

Izzy Jeffrey

Ben King

Alan Kraszewski

Tang Liang Li

Samarth Mishra

Ellie-Mei Mitchell

Elizabet Moldyka

Juanita Obri

Bridgette Soh

Yunus Yobas

Plans for 2023-2024

We are busy making plans for next year and will announce them soon.