Winstanley House Captains

Amelie Fulton

"As a Winstanley House Captain, my vision is to foster a thriving and inclusive community within our school. I envision a school that stands as a symbol of unity, excellence, and support for every member. For me, it is essential that every student remains in a safe environment surrounded by people who choose to do the right thing. As a house captain, I will try my best to ensure every voice is heard and every issue possible can be recognised."

Lucas McBride

"As a house captain I want to improve the culture around the role of houses. As a house captain, I would want to encourage as many people as possible to take part  in order to create a more enthusiastic house identity. I remember what it was like to feel overwhelmed in year 7 so I am hoping to create a comfortable atmosphere for our house, that will ultimately flourish and improve participation."

St. Levan Shield




Vice Captain

Will Connett

"I envisage Winstanley as a role model for all the other houses - a strong and inclusive community where everyone can feel free to express themselves for who they are."

Vice Captain

Talha Durrani

"I strive to improve teamwork and competition in Winstanley house"

Commendations can be awarded by staff for a range of different reasons. All students across the house can contribute in many ways, across many curricular and extra-curricular areas.

The Winstanley Commendations Profile is updated weekly and helps us to identify where Winstanley's strengths lie and areas we can make improvements in.

Winstanley Charities

Winstanley House will be supporting these charities across 2023-24

Year 7 Tutor Reps

Alex N-W
Sports Rep
Osian P
Voice Rep
Jude T
Charity Rep

Year 8 Tutor Reps

Bradley B
Sports Rep
Jacob P
Voice Rep
Nathan R
Charity Rep

Year 9 Tutor Reps

Nicky L
Sports Rep
Arley W
Voice Rep
Zen K
Charity Rep

Year 10 Tutor Reps

Theo R
Sports Rep
Charlie B
Voice Rep
James S
Charity Rep

Year 11 Tutor Reps

Sam P
Sports Rep
Rocky T
Voice Rep
Fraser S
Charity Rep

Legacy House Captains


 Winstanley House Captains

Alvin John


Sakthivelan Pandy

Winners of Sports Day

Winstanley House Song

As voted by the members of our house, Heatwaves by Glass Animals is our new house song. Check it out...