Priestley House Captains

George Pike

"Being part of a house gives all students regardless of age a sense of belonging and the opportunity to work together. My vision is to ensure there is team spirit within Priestley house so that everyone enjoys and has fun participating in school.  I will try to strengthen the relationship between years and between students and teachers by being approachable and a positive role model to others. I also want to motivate and get people excited about being in our house. I believe my positive outlook and enthusiasm will help me achieve this."

Tom Robbins

"My vision for Priestley is to promote excellence within the house whereby each individual can become a rounded person who follows the school’s values whilst simultaneously striving for house trophies, individual academic success and becoming adept at skills such as sport. I seek to give the encouragement and support for every student to accomplish these goals by creating a strong sense of loyalty and teamwork within individual form groups and also across the house as a whole, being approachable to the younger years so that everyone in Priestley can be their best."

St. Levan Shield




Vice Captain

Jia Wei Chen

"My vision for this house is for Priestley to succeed, to step further forward and burn bright with the potential of a well fuelled flame."

Vice Captain

Mali Sanders

"In my leadership role, I will endeavour to create a positive, inclusive and engaging environment, encouraging all house members to participate in academic, sport and charity activities."

Commendations can be awarded by staff for a range of different reasons. All students across the house can contribute in many ways, across many curricular and extra-curricular areas.

The Priestley Commendations Profile is updated weekly and helps us to identify where Priestley's strengths lie and areas we can make improvements in.

Preistley Charities

Priestley House will be supporting these charities across 2023-24

Year 7 Tutor Reps

Feranmi O
Sports Rep
Euan G
Voice Rep
Isaac M
Charity Rep

Year 8 Tutor Reps

Harry F
Sports Rep
John G
Voice Rep
Albert M
Charity Rep

Year 9 Tutor Reps

Thomas W
Sports Rep
Graham B
Voice Rep
Isaac E
Charity Rep

Year 10 Tutor Reps

Lennon B
Sports Rep
Luke M
Voice Rep
Jack Toms
Charity Rep

Year 11 Tutor Reps

Harry C
Sports Rep
Jamie H
Voice Rep
Eric W
Charity Rep

Legacy House Captains


 Priestley House Captains

Ed Daw


Callum Stevens

Winners of the Competitions Cup

Priestley House Song

As voted by the members of our house, Happy by Pharrell Williams is our new house song. Check it out...