Priestley House Captains

Ed Daw

"My vision under the role of house captain is to ensure that students in lower years feel as though their thoughts and ideas about learning at DHSB are being heard and to make sure that this school is a safe and comfortable environment for students to learn and develop into educated and mature young adults. Also to help bring awareness to issues in the world, and ways that the members of our school can help."

Callum Stevens

"When I applied for the role as a House Captain for Priestley House, I envisioned a house destined for success, whether that be through commendations and curricular work, extracurricular activities such as Duke of Edinburgh or our notorious reputation for sports-related events, and this year I believe we have achieved the success we desired. I was drawn to this role as I enjoy a responsible and leading role within the school environment and hope to give the best advice to those who need it - in assemblies or just around the school generally."

St. Levan Shield




Commendations can be awarded by staff for a range of different reasons. All students across the house can contribute in many ways, across many curricular and extra-curricular areas.

The Priestley Commendations Profile is updated weekly and helps us to identify where Priestley's strengths lie and areas we can make improvements in.

Preistley Charities

Priestley House will be supporting these charities across 2022-23

Year 7 Tutor Reps

Harlan BSports Rep
Conor W Sports Rep
Gethin TVoice Rep
Ben LVoice Rep
Alex L-WCharity Rep
John GCharity Rep

Year 8 Tutor Reps

Jack DSports Rep
Frankie M Sports Rep
Graham BVoice Rep
George PVoice Rep
Max MCharity Rep
Neel SCharity Rep

Year 9 Tutor Reps

Jacob ASports Rep
Dzhem RSports Rep
Elias HVoice Rep
Luke MVoice Rep
Jakub LCharity Rep
Agsheyan PCharity Rep

Year 10 Tutor Reps

Finlay BSports Rep
Sacha MSports Rep
Caleb CVoice Rep
Isaac LVoice Rep
Harry MCharity Rep

Year 11 Tutor Reps

Rocco D'OSports Rep
Declan JSports Rep
Devrim PVoice Rep
Jack SVoice Rep
Jia Wei CCharity Rep
Lance GCharity Rep

Priestley House Song

As voted by the members of our house, Happy by Pharrell Williams is our new house song. Check it out...