Campbell House Captains

Charlie Shuttleworth

"As a past lower school student, I have been drawn into the passion and drive that has surrounded the house spirit at DHSB. The success of Campbell in the past had influenced me to apply for a Senior Prefect role where I can now develop the decorated reputation that surrounds this house. The willingness to motivate all students to endure for sporting success, push for the highest platform of commendations and to promote the school community spirit is what all future captains should look to achieve - while also having fun! I massively appreciate the opportunity that has been presented to me and am excited for the time where this role will assist me in my future endeavours."

Jack Todd

"Campbell House has always been academically strong, performing well in the House Cup; this I feel is due to its focus on discipline and hard work in curricular activities, therefore gaining many commendations. As a student I can say that the sense of pride and togetherness that you feel by winning House Competitions is worth the effort that you put in. The new aims for extracurricular success brings the House together and creates friendships and builds bonds between students who may not have been friends before. Campbell House has a strong history of good charity work which I would like to continue. We are particularly fond of ‘It's in the Bag’ charity."

St. Levan Shield






Commendations can be awarded by staff for a range of different reasons. All students across the house can contribute in many ways, across many curricular and extra-curricular areas.

The Campbell Commendations Profile is updated weekly and helps us to identify where Campbell's strengths lie and areas we can make improvements in.

Campbell Charities

Campbell House will be supporting these charities across 2022-23

Year 7 Tutor Reps

Freddie ESports Rep
Aston SSports Rep
Harry HVoice Rep
Jude WVoice Rep
Dylan GCharity Rep
Spencer MCharity Rep

Year 8 Tutor Reps

Matthew FSports Rep
Solomon K-MVoice Rep
Tate WVoice Rep
Jonas HCharity Rep
Isaac PCharity Rep

Year 9 Tutor Reps

Emmerson ASports Rep
Jake WSports Rep
Joel CVoice Rep
Oliver TVoice Rep
Bobby LCharity Rep
Jack LCharity Rep

Year 10 Tutor Reps

Jack FSports Rep
Ruben MSports Rep
Oliver CVoice Rep
Jason M-GVoice Rep

Campbell House Song

As voted by the members of our house, Don't Stop Believin' by Journey is our new house song. Check it out...