Campbell House Captains

Stavya Dubey

"I am delighted to be presented with the opportunity to continue the success and passion of Campbell for another prosperous year. My vision for Campbell house is to put a focus on the environment.

Tutor reps will help with the sustainability of the school and the areas around them. I have taken inspiration from the campaign 'DHSB One Tree Planted project' from the then-school captain Toby Leung. I want to continue that campaign and pursue it into new horizons."

John Hodgson

"My vision for Campbell House is to provide an inclusive environment for all members. This is crucial to ensure all members of my house play a role within the community and are given a sense of responsibility to carry themselves and others in a shining light which will help the entirety of the house to work together to achieve a shared vision of the house shield. 

Inclusivity embodies and embraces the core values that DHSB holds and promotes; enriching each and every students’ experience during their school and social life."

St. Levan Shield






Vice Captain

Jayden Chiam

"I will strive for a community that promotes a winning and inclusive culture . Acting as a model to the other houses and creating a positive environment to promote growth and help our students flourish."

Vice Captain

Ewan Piercy

"My vision for Campbell house is to return Campbell to the top and win the St Levan Shield. I aim to do this by reinforcing a competitive attitude to everyone in Campbell."

Commendations can be awarded by staff for a range of different reasons. All students across the house can contribute in many ways, across many curricular and extra-curricular areas.

The Campbell Commendations Profile is updated weekly and helps us to identify where Campbell's strengths lie and areas we can make improvements in.

Campbell Charities

Campbell House will be supporting these charities across 2023-24

Year 7 Tutor Reps

Evan B
Sport Rep
Akshaj R
Voice Rep
Sam P
Charity Rep

Year 8 Tutor Reps

Mason S
Sport Rep
Jude W
Voice Rep
Charlie C
Charity Rep

Year 9 Tutor Reps

Lucas An
Sport Rep
Solomon K-M
Voice Rep
Victor S
Charity Rep

Year 10 Tutor Reps

Joel C
Sport Rep
Owen O
Voice Rep
Oliver T
Charity Rep

Year 11 Tutor Reps

Jason M-G
Sport Rep
Joe P
Voice Rep
Bailey F
Charity Rep

Legacy House Captains


 Campbell House Captains

Charlie Shuttleworth


Jack Todd

Campbell House Song

As voted by the members of our house, Don't Stop Believin' by Journey is our new house song. Check it out...